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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the mission of Hope and Shine?

The mission of Hope and Shine is to provide equal educational opportunities to children in Kibera, empowering them to reach their full potential.

How can I donate to Hope and Shine?

You can donate to Hope and Shine by visiting our website and selecting the donation option that best suits you. We accept online donations through secure platforms, making it convenient to contribute.

Where does my donation go?

Your donation goes directly towards supporting the educational initiatives of Hope and Shine, including school fees, classroom supplies, nutritious meals, and improving learning environments for the children in Kibera.

How can I get involved with Hope and Shine?

There are various ways to get involved with Hope and Shine. You can volunteer your time and skills, become a mentor, organize fundraising events, or spread awareness about our cause through social media. Reach out to us to explore the opportunities available.

Are donations tax-deductible?

Yes, donations made to Hope and Shine may be tax-deductible. We recommend consulting with your local tax authorities or a tax professional to determine the eligibility and specific guidelines for your region.

Does Hope and Shine provide updates on the impact of donations?

Absolutely! We value transparency and provide regular updates on the impact of donations. Through Donorbox campaign, social media, and our website, we share success stories, milestones, and the progress of our educational programs.

Can I visit Hope and Shine in person?

Yes, we welcome visitors who are interested in learning more about our work. Please contact us in advance to schedule a visit, and we will be happy to arrange a tour of our facilities.

What is the legal form of Hope and Shine?

Hope and Shine Village Centre is registered as non-profit Community Based Organization (CBO) in the Republic of Kenya, operating under the legal status of a charitable entity. We are committed to transparency and accountability in all our activities, ensuring that your donations are used responsibly and in accordance with legal regulations.